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Thrive NOW Coaching 


Live NOW coaching and training is an interactive focus on un-covering and then leveraging your true potential by embracing and leveraging personal barriers toward purpose-driven belief and Live Now life engagement, connecting with the internal drivers and beliefs that create and expose your path and because of this, your opportunities for purpose-driven growth…thereby, engaging in and empowering alteration in our life trajectory…reducing emotional reactive behaviors and managing growth from conscious and passion-driven level.


The 28 Day Sculpting Challenge

A series of  interactive conference led by Master Live NOW Coach Dale Lawrence and Noted Author, speaker and Coach Marilyn Lawrence. 


In these 30-60 minute calls we will work together to identify our core beliefs and strengths, open our mind, to embracing perceived limitations as energy for forward movement. You can learn how to engage and enhance our beliefs and then, learn to embrace them and  life with passion…Written tools and curriculum provided...More Info? for more information

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Marilyn Lawrence

Marilyn’s books, seminars, classes and workshops are always enlightening…Always filled with both messages that resonate with her audience and the tools needed to place them into their personal life and use. She works in seminars, workshops and in individual training situations and continually leaves the room and people feeling lifted and re-connected.


Marilyn’s intent and goal is to first, speak the truth and second, speak from a place of pure heart and pure love.  “She has the touch and approach of a true angel”. 

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