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"I would say and have said that what Dale teaches and how he teaches have literally turned my life around"...thank you thank you, thank you Dale". Susan K.

"Thank U thank U thank U thank U thank U so very much… I am listening to our coaching recording and it is settling in my heart again... I am soaking in what you told me during our call.  Right now I'm hearing you telling to let things allow them to be.  What you suggested to me about learning to allow the relationship to go where it needs to go...WOW that is so deep....hoping the lack of still letting that set in Dale and I am learning from what you told me to learn to allow things to happen".  Rita C

Dale has the rare ability to conceptualize the materials, create and deliver and then empower his students to embrace and implement business combined with life tools" ...Joe Caparotti, GM Berkshire Hathaway

"Dale seems to be able to speak inside your head and focuses on helping you achieve at a much deeper level… He shows you how to embrace and grow into the life you invasion one step at a time". Carry VanSoloage, Lake Tahoe

“Dale is not your atypical inspirational speaker or motivator…"I learned more from him about breaking down barriers in my life than I have from anyone...” Feisal Mohammad, Bangkok, Thailand


“We all need a coach in our lives and Dale’s coaching instills the kind of confidence that almost dares us to reach life that is right in front of us... With these powerful insights, I know I can tackle just about anything”… Thank you Dale! Live Now! :-) Holly O’Driscoll, 

" I am so inspired but so incredibly sad that the series is over. Your teachings and classes have been a pivotal moment in my life. I come away with new beliefs and a new set of real and usable life tools". Thank You. It’s been an amazing journey..." Jeanne Dansby, Graeagle, California

 “Dale's teachings, tools, and messages will forever change or challenge how you think regarding your personal or professional world! He will help you win your day! I know, because he helped me win mine... Thank you Dale”!  Dan LaPorte, Nevada

" The timing of this amazing arsenal of tools you presented Dale couldn't be more perfect...thank you for extending creating and then sharing such a wonderful learning opportunity"... Jeremy Jacobson, California

“I knew when I met Dale I knew that he would have a profound effect on my life... now I can focus on using the tools I have been given to build my life and my business my way!..Dale reminded me that I am in control of my life and my business and I can’t wait for more"...Christina Soloski, Truckee CA




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